Friday, 17 May 2013

Epic Nail Mail!!

Hello friends!
                    On Tuesday this week I was blessed with the biggest and bestest nail mail in the whole entire world. I had seen the Australis Glitterati collection was on special at Kmart for 75 odd cents! So I jumped on facebook and asked if one of the Australian nail polish addicts would be so kind as to get them for me and post them to me and I would send them the money for it. Natalia was the first of many to jump in and say they could help me out. As soon as she heard of my living conditions and the distance between the shops and myself she started planning. She wanted to put together a care package of sorts and that she did! Instead of sending me the 4 polishes I originally asked for she sent me 57! (One isn't included in pics because I had it out to use in my next mani, its Ulta3 Lilac Bloom).
L-R Ulta3 Luck Bamboo, Pearly Grape, Rustic Red, Cherrylicious and Chinchilly

L-R Ulta3 Pink Peony, Party Shoes, Pink Supreme and Pale Dahlia
L-R Ulta3 Get Teal, Blue Marlin, Soft Hydrangea, Corsican Rose, Mojito and (Pacific Fever)

L-R Australis Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff, Studio 54, Boogie Wonderland, Funky Town, Castle on a Cloud, L'Oreal Mysterious Icon and Riviera Lavendar

L-R OPI Polka.Com, Island Girl 1143B, Sinful Colors Sugar Rush, Rainstorrn and Portmans Dazzling Blue 

L-R Essence Miss Universe, Prom-Berry, Icy Princess, Punk Royal and Peel off base coat

L-R Gloss 'n Sparkle Pink Cigarette, Alanna Renee Tranquil, Shades of Phoenix  Dionysus,  Femme Fatale Ebon Roses, Loony Lacquer Apple Jack and Loki's Lacquer Purple Passion

L-R Candeo Orchid, A Girl Obsessed Fruity Pebbles, Love Thy Polish Milkshake, Etude House ???, Covergirl ???, Savvy Pink Champagne
Might just add here... I almost died when I saw she had sent me Fruity Pebbles! Despite me not telling anyone, it was my biggest lemming! I have it on right now over L'oreal Riviera Lavender and I never, ever want to ever take it off ever!

L-R Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale, Showgirl Chic, Violet VOOM!, Scarab and Lava

L-R Milani Whimsical, Cyberspace, Orly Goth, Robo Romance, Natio Vivid Fuchsia, Nude Shimmer and  Esmalte  Flocados Espectral
That's not all though! She sent me 2 boxes in the post. The other box was my pamper and spoil box filled with all sorts of goodies. I got bath bombs, bath salts, nail files, a clay mask, some nice shampoo and conditioner, blotting papers, moisturisers, chocolates, lollies, AMAZING smelling tea, PEDI SOX(!!!) and all kinds of other goodies!

I have had to round off my nails due to a whole heap of breaks and I really just do not like them so nail posts in the near future may be sparse, however I am planning on trying to start to gather photos from around the town over the weekend to give you a small introduction to Jameson Community!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow this is the most amazing nail mail ever!!! I swear this one haul was like my whole nail polish collection :P
    Loving your blog by the way, I'm following you back now :D

    1. Oh wow! Thanks :) Natalia sure is AMAZING for sending me this. Thanks for the compliments :) I spent ages fiddling around with it today :P

  2. Good job Natalia! I think its fair to say it will take you a while to swatch these! Lol

  3. Haha you're not wrong! I've used a few so far but still a lot to go!

  4. Yay!!! I'm so glad you like them all! It really was the least I could do ;)


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