Hi there! My name is Jess. I am 23 years old. In January 2013 my boyfriend, James and I moved to a remote indigenous community in Western Australia called Jameson (Mantamaru).

I work at the Jameson Remote Community School as an Education Assistant. I love my work. The kids are all so sweet (underneath the rough surface).

I left my two little brothers in my home town of Mount Compass, South Australia. I miss them more and more every day.

I have 3 cats, Milo, Tiggy and Roxy. I also have 2 puppies, Rudy and Swarley. Sometimes I think they are the only things keeping me sane out here.

I am a big nail polish enthusiast so you should expect to see mainly posts about my nails with the occasional post about what its like living out here in the dust!


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