Monday, 6 May 2013

Hello friends!

Its that time of the week again for another Aussie Nails Monday mani!

This weeks theme was Bling Bling! I did order some rhinestones and studs a few weeks ago hoping they would arrive on time, how wrong I was! So I decided to go for some purple and holo glitter placement nails! This is the only glitter I have until my order arrives and this is its second appearance on my relatively new blog... But I think I made it work.

I used Ulta3 Spring Break. This is 2 coats, it could have used 3 however I was in a race against the sun to get them done to take a nice outdoor photo so settled with 2.
Here you can see my horrid little finger nail that I broke yesterday! My other nails are nubbinised as much as possible without filing into my nail bed... NO THANKS! So as I said yesterday, I've slopped another 2 coats of duri on and I'm going to sit on my bum and sulk.

Also today is a very special day! It is my "little" brother, Sam's 21st birthday!
Sam on the right

Sam and I are very close. We never used to be but in 2008 he had a bad motocross accident and broke his neck. I was at the hospital almost every day with him, cheering him up and bringing him Boost Juice! Luckily he did not damage his spinal cord and has made an almost full recovery! I even moved back home to help around the house while he was doing his rehab. After that we have been insanely close! Then in 2009 I was hospitalised with pneumonia and I was put in ICU and then isolation. Anyone who came into my room had to suit up in a plastic gown, gloves, mask and cap. (Sam is being a rebel below and not wearing a cap.) Despite it being a big pain to see me Sam was there every chance he got!
Here he is, being a goof and cheering me up when I was in isolation at hospital!

Sam (Left) and I (Right) as wee lil kiddies :)

So would just like to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sam! Love you dude!

Thanks for reading and have a great night ladies!

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